in Wind

Scheruhn Consulting Engineers are competent and reliable partners to support you in realising your onshore or offshore wind farm projects.

With comprehensive expertise and extensive experience at every stage: From the first project planning to realisation of the windfarm.

We support you with project management and technical advisory in tendering, contract preparation and contract evaluation, as well as risk assessment and risk management. Furthermore, we offer optimisation of sales processes and we manage and supervise production and installation processes.

Our services:

  • Project Management and Work Package Management for onshore and offshore wind farm projects
  • Package management tower and substructures
  • Supervision of fabrication and installation of WEC substructures and substations (Offshore)
  • Site and factory visits, supervision of construction progress and quality
  • Support with tendering and project planning, preparation of tender documents
  • Contract preparation (technical)
  • Contract and claim management
  • Development and support of risk management and project and contract assessment
  • Due diligence
  • Standardisation of processes and documents in your tender and sales activities

In addition to our contacts in the wind industry we are members of relevant industry and professional associations.